Introduce the classification and knowledge of protective gloves

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(1) Origin: Gloves are beautiful decorative gloves and artistic gloves in people's daily life, labor, some sports, some activities, special environments, special operations and special jobs, followed by beautiful decorative gloves and artistic gloves in some people's lives.

(2) Glove materials: The materials used are usually rubber, latex, artificial glue, artificial leather, cloth, functional fabrics, some animal skins, special metals, plastics, some chemical materials and other raw materials.

(3) Glove names: There are many names of gloves, usually named according to glove materials, named according to glove technology and used according to gloves.

Named, named according to glove function, named according to regional national dialect.

(1) Named according to materials such as latex gloves, rubber gloves, jersey gloves, cotton wool gloves, cotton gloves, canvas gloves, polar fleece gloves, cowhide gloves, pigskin gloves, PVC gloves and liquid gloves.

⑵ Named according to the process, such as coated gloves, adhesive gloves, knitted gloves, embroidered gloves and invisible gloves

⑶ Named according to use, such as welding gloves, welding gloves, etiquette gloves, ski gloves, space gloves, guard gloves, labor protection gloves, protective gloves, work gloves, boxing gloves and microwave oven gloves

(4) Named according to functions, such as: high temperature resistant gloves, warm gloves, acid alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, anti-skid gloves, welding gloves and flame retardant gloves

(5) Named according to dialects, such as: yarn gloves, thread gloves (cotton gloves named according to materials), labor gloves, protective gloves, work gloves, labor gloves, protective gloves and work gloves

① Labor protection gloves: The gloves used in labor are called labor protection gloves, which is a general and comprehensive name. Many people misunderstand them as gloves.

② Protective gloves: The gloves that can protect hands from injury are called protective gloves, which is also a general and comprehensive name. Many people also misunderstand that they are gloves.

③ Work gloves: Gloves that can be used in daily work. People call them work gloves, but they are also a general and comprehensive name. Many people misunderstand them as gloves.

(4) Use of gloves: The use of gloves will not be elaborated here. Simply put, it is to protect the skin of gloves from harm, beauty decoration and art sharing

(5) The price and quality of gloves: It is usually determined according to the material and manufacturing process of gloves, and some are priced according to grades, such as Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, defective products, or Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Generally, Grade I (Grade A) is a good quality