Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Latex Gloves

2020-12-22 16:23:49 admin 0

Everyone should know that latex gloves are widely used in various industries. So what do you know about the origin and invention of latex gloves? Here is a touching story.

In America in the 19th century, there were no latex gloves at that time, and the hands were operated without any protective measures. At that time, the attending doctor of a hospital fell in love with a nurse who worked with him. When nurses disinfect their hands, they are always sensitive to disinfectant water, and they always feel distressed when they see this scene. The doctor wanted to do something for her. She thought hard at home. When she saw the woman wearing white gloves in the street, her heart moved: "Why can't you wear a pair of gloves for surgery?" So he went to the factory to order some rubber gloves, which were comfortable to wear on his hands and hygienic after disinfection. So the doctor gave the latex gloves he designed to the nurse, and the nurse was moved by the doctor's heart. They started to associate and finally entered the marriage hall.

As time goes by, the development of latex gloves is not limited to this. Its development has involved all walks of life, and tens of thousands of people are using it. How many people know about making latex gloves? Then Xiaobian introduces the production of latex gloves!

In the manufacturing process of latex gloves, rubber is first sliced by a rubber mixer, and then sent to a sol tank to mix sol with gasoline. The sol is emulsified and prepared, and then pumped to a latex intermediate tank. Rubber solution dissolved in gasoline is fed from the top of the distillation tower, and then distilled by steam heating. Light component gasoline is heated into gas phase, and gasoline gas is mixed and cooled by cold water in the oil-gas cooler. The oil-water mixture goes to the oil-water separator, and the oil-water layers are separated. The upper gasoline is recovered, the lower water is pumped to the cooling tower for cooling, and then the gas gasoline in the distillation tower is cooled; The latex from the distillation tower kettle is sent to the latex stirring cylinder for stirring and modulation according to its own pressure, and then separated into glove raw material latex by centrifuge, and then mixed with color and filtered for later use. Glove model is cleaned by acid and alkali and water, and the cleaned model is soaked in hot water and heated until it is soaked in coagulant and dried for dipping. After dipping, it is sent to an oven for preliminary drying, added with fiber inner sleeve, washed with hot water, and then sent to the oven for vulcanization, drying and molding. After demoulding, gloves are inflated, shaped at low temperature, dried at medium temperature, washed with water, dehydrated and dried, and then packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse.