Jiangsu Zhongyou Labor Protection Gloves Wholesale Factory takes you to know which labor protection appliances coal miners should choose

2020-12-22 16:24:28 admin 1

1. Safety helmet

Safety helmet is necessary, because there may be falling objects in the air at any time, and bright colors should be used, and reflective materials or luminescent materials should be adhered, which can not only avoid visual blur caused by insufficient underground light, but also play a warning role, which is conducive to rescue

2.earmuffs and earplugs

Economical helmet with helmet earmuffs and miners' earmuffs

3.the dust mask

In the process of underground operation, a large amount of dust will be generated, which will be inhaled into the body and endanger health.

4. miner's lamp: special lighting tool for mine

Precautions for use:

1. The lamp holder is damaged, the glass cover is in good condition, and the lamp ring is loose;

2. Whether the lamp box leaks;

3. Whether the cable sheath is in good condition, whether there is any exposed thread end, and whether the lamp connector is good or not;

4. The lamp is not locked tightly;

5. Is the brightness of the light enough;

6. In the underground, it is forbidden to open the battery box cover and lamp holder. Once the miner's lamp goes out or is damaged in the late part of the well, it can stay in place and wait for people to go to the well together.

5. Towels

When there is dust, it can block the dust and prevent it from entering the body through the neckline. When there is sweat, it can wipe the sweat to prevent the sweat from affecting the line of sight

6. Work clothes

Work clothes, which are dirty in underground operation, have high work intensity. The fabric of work clothes should meet the requirements of dust, flame retardancy, anti-static, water and oil repellency and high reflectivity

7. Protective gloves

Used for hand protection

8. safety shoes

Anti-smashing safety rain boots have poor underground working conditions, so they must be worn for downhole operation. However, for better protection, it is recommended to use rain boots with anti-smashing function to protect the safety of feet. The price of anti-smashing safety shoes is about 60 pieces made in China and about 90 pieces imported.