What are the main labor insurance products

2020-12-22 16:28:31 admin 5

Labor insurance supplies are mainly used to protect workers, so what are the main labor insurance supplies? Let me give you a brief introduction today.

I. Head protective gear: safety helmet

Second, respiratory protective equipment: dust mask, filter gas mask, self-contained air respirator, long tube mask

Third, eye (face) protective equipment: welding eye protective equipment, anti-impact eye protective equipment

IV. Protective clothing: flame retardant protective clothing, acid-proof overalls and antistatic overalls

V. Protective footwear: toe safety shoes, antistatic shoes, conductive shoes, puncture-proof shoes, rubber-coated anti-smashing safety boots, electrical insulating shoes, acid-alkali resistant leather shoes, acid-alkali resistant rubber boots and acid-alkali resistant plastic molded boots

VI. Anti-falling protective gear: safety belt, safety net and dense mesh safety net

Seven, general protective equipment mainly include: cotton gloves, canvas gloves, towels, cotton yarn, cleaning cloth, masks, dust caps, ordinary overalls, ordinary labor protection shoes, earplugs, foot covers, water boots, raincoats, adhesive tapes and so on.